Donate to BTTR 

Beagles to the Rescue is a 501c Charity run by volunteers so 100% of all money donated goes to feeding, vetting, entertaining, and caring for the beagles. BTTR is a 501c(3) non-profit (Tax ID # 71-1044389).

Thank You Cards/Donation Receipts

We LOVE to thank our donors! If you provide us with a mailing address or email address we will send you a donation receipt or personalized thank you card with a picture of a dog at our rescue that your donation has helped.  If you donate online please send us this information in an email to or you can call/text us at 757-447-7773. If you donate by mail please write the information legibly along with your donation. 

Donations in Honor/Memory of Someone and Holidays

Honor/Memory Donations

 If you would like to make a donation in honor or memory of a person or pet we would be happy to help. Please let us know who the donation is for, and if it is in honor or memory of them. We will send the recipient an appropriate card for the occasion (birthday, in memory, wedding, etc) including a photo of a dog in the rescue that the donation has helped. We will also send the donor a thank you card, photo of a dog the donation has helped, and donation receipt. When you make a donation in honor or memory of someone please include your name, address (or email address), if the donation is in honor or memory of them, the recipient's name, address, gender, and a bit about them (this helps us make a personalized note). If you donate online please send us this information in an email to or you can call/text us at 757-447-7773. If you donate by mail please write the information legibly along with your donation. 

Holiday Donations

What to get that dog lover in your life. This year why not try something different. Make a donation to Beagles to the Rescue in honor or in memory of someone or of a furry friend. We will send you and the recipient a Holiday card with a picture of a dog currently in our rescue and a personalized note letting them know who made the donation. Donations before December 17th will have cards out by Christmas (Before Dec 10th for Hanukkah). You can send donations by mail (see below for address) or online via our website at the link below. Please include your name and address the recipient’s name and address and who the donation is in honor/memory of and an email or phone number in case we have any questions. Please tell us a bit about the recipient (dog/human) if they have any beagles etc, we love to send more personal letters. We are a 501c3 charity (Tax ID 71-1044389) registered with the state of Virginia so your donations may be tax deductible. 


For questions or special requests please email or call 757-447-7773


Ways to Donate Money to BTTR


Donations can be made online using a credit card (no account needed) or Paypal account. You can donate through Paypal or through Facebook at the buttons below. We are not always able to see who or how much was donated through Facebook. Please send us an email to or call/text 757-447-7773 and we would be happy to send you a donation receipt.

Through the Mail  

Checks or small items can be sent in the mail to our Secretary's House. We usually only deposit checks once a month, feel free to call/text/email us to verify that your donation was received.  

Beagles to the Rescue  

7645 Fayver Ave  

Norfolk, VA 23505  

Please note this is NOT our physical address.  

In Person  

Donations (items, cash, checks, etc) can be dropped off in person in Chesapeake or in Norfolk. Please call us at 757-447-7773 to arrange donation drop off. See list of items to donate below. 

 Other Ways to Donate:

Through Amazon 

 You can also donate items using our Amazon Wish List. Items can be shipped directly to our Secretary's  house (see address under through the mail section below). For more information check out the link below.


Whenever we need to buy puppy food, treats, or a special diet for dogs we order through You can donate an e-gift card and we can use it the next time we need food or supplies. Or you can shop our wish list Check out the link below and send it to