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Please fill out the form below, one of our volunteers will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your request. Please send us some photos of your dog by email within 24 hours (if possible) to or text them to 757-447-7773, be sure to include the dog’s name. See our Photo Guidelines and Suggestions on our Surrender A Dog to BTTR Page. If you have any questions or are unable to send us photos please contact us at or 757-447-7773.

If you are looking to rehome more than 2 adult dogs please email the dogs: name/gender/age/weight and photos to then give us a call at 757-447-7773


More Information for Questions in Form Below


Where your dog will be staying (Question 24)

While seeking a home BTTR beagles live at an open-boarding kennel. The kennel is like a giant dog park with the dogs playing on 3 acres of fenced (4ft) in fields with 25-30 other dogs. Small dogs and older dogs are in the front and larger or higher energy dogs have a larger area in the back. Each dog has his or her own crate with blankets and bedding. Dogs eat meals and sleep in their own crate but will be around or in sight of other dogs at all times. Generally dogs are out from 6:30am until 9pm with an hour in around 9am and 4pm for meals. Dogs have access to climate controlled kennel area at all times. There is a person on the property supervising the dogs 24 hours a day with cameras covering the property. All boarding and daycare dogs undergo the same temperament testing as rescue dogs, all dogs over 6 months are spayed/neutered. Mother dogs and litters of puppies have their own separate area with climate controlled building and outdoor play yard. We try to have short term foster homes for dogs to recover for surgery and to help get to know dogs and match them with the perfect home. How do you think this dog would do in this environment? (Consider fence height, being crated, being in a large group of other dogs, and sleeping in a kennel)


Temperament Evaluation (Question 27)

BTTR requires a temperament evaluation for all intakes, generally 3-7 day. Because we utilize open boarding, this evaluation is to determine whether the animal can handle being in an open boarding environment with a large number of other dogs. Not all dogs handle this environment well. BTTR is a no-kill facility, average time at the rescue is 3-6 months. We want to make sure your pet will be happy and safe as possible while looking for a new home. We are unable to handle dogs: with separation anxiety, dogs that jump/dig under fences, are dog aggressive, uncomfortable in a large group of dogs, are aggressive with people, or that have medical issues that prevent them from being with other dogs or from being spayed/neutered. We will ask you questions about your dog’s temperament prior to surrender.


Anything else you want us to know (Question 30)

If this dog knows and commands (sit, stay, etc), has any favorite activities (riding in the car, fetch, etc) let us know! The more we know about your dog the better match we can make for them. Are they high energy/goofy/sweet/cuddly etc

If this dog is pregnant/nursing or if you are rehoming a litter include number of puppies, age, gender etc. If rehoming more than one dog are they bonded and need to be adopted together?

Also if your dog hasn’t yet be spayed or neutered we will need to do so at our expense prior to intake. Dogs generally need 5-7 days of crate rest to recover. If this dog can recover at your home prior to intake BTTR will pay for the surgery and loan you any supplies (e-collar, crate etc). This helps us get your dog in faster as well as make sure they are recovered from surgery and ready to have fun with the other dogs.

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Expect a call from 757-447-7773 to talk more about your dog.