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About Us

We are Beagles to the Rescue a non-profit animal rescue located in Chesapeake, VA. BTTR was founded in 2008 and has placed over 1,000 dogs and counting since then.

Our beagles come from shelters, hunt clubs, stray pickups, and families across south eastern Virginia and north eastern North Carolina. We are a no-kill organization placing dogs as indoor pets in a home that matches them perfectly. 

We are a 100% volunteer run organization and we are funded solely by donations.

We are not a traditional brick and mortar shelter, our dogs live in foster homes or at an open boarding kennel (think giant dog park). The kennel has acres of fenced in grassy fields for the dogs to run and play on while searching for a new home.

Looking to Adopt a Beagle?

Adopting a BTTR Beagle

BTTR is a small rescue run by volunteers. We usually only have a few dogs at a time and we focus on getting to know each dog and matching them with the perfect home.

help with rehoming a dog

BTTR takes in dogs and puppies from families, hunt clubs, shelters, other rescues, and stray dogs. We provide them with veterinary care, and help them find new loving homes. We are a no-kill organization and focus on matching each dog to the perfect family that fits their needs. If the new adopters are unable to keep the dog for any reason the dog is returned to BTTR. 

BTTR is a small organization and isn’t able to help every dog needing placement. We will do our best to offer advice, resources, and options to people even if we aren’t able to take the dog. We ask that you please read through our information on rehoming before contacting us. There are lots of community programs and resources that may help keep families and pets together. 

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Surrendering a Dog to BTTR